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KSC's Alarm Annunciator

The alarm annunciator unit is used in a variety of application requiring monitoring of analog quantities such as temperature, current, voltage, power, etc. in power plants, substations and industry. It’s also used in off-shore installations. The annunciator units can be used as independent stand-alone units, or they can be integrated via a fiber-optic bus to form complete supervision, event sequence reporting and data acquisition systems

User friendly
Fully programmable for all sequence according to ISA-S18.1 standard
  ● PERATIONS: Indicate input state
  ● SEQUENCE A: Automatic reset
  ● SEQUENCE M: Manual reset
  ● SEQUENCE R: Ring back
  ● SEQUENCE R-1-2-9: Ring back with options
  ● SEQUENCE F1A: Automatic reset first out with no subsequent alarm state
  ● SEQUENCE F2M-1: Manual reset first out with no subsequent alarm flashing and silence pushbutton
  ● SEQUENCE F3A: Automatic reset first out with first out flashing and reset pushbutton
Using a portable programmer with easy function and large LCD for sequences programming
Dimension and alarm points (up to 255) based on customer needs
Using high bright LED lamp with very low power consumption
Module with low power consumption (1.2w/module)
Parameter selection and adjustment from front panel
Data history and logging up to 60000 records for each module
Connection between cells by back plain boards
Easy change of annuciator windows color and text

Summary of Technical Specification:

- Supply Voltage 24VDC Normal (21-30VDC),110/220AC (Optional)
● Power consumption:    
   Small window <0.48 w , Large window < 1w
● Working condition
   Operation temperature ………………………0 to 50 °C
   Storage temperature…………………………20 to 80 °C
   Operation and Storage Humidity …………..... 5 to 95%
● Window Dimension ……….Large: 80×40 mm,Small:40 ×40mm

All input is opt-coupled isolated
Input Sensitivity
24to 220V AC/DC
- N/C contact-series resistance of contact cables 5k maximum
N/O contact-parallel resistance of contact cables 40k minimum

1programmable relay on signal module for flashing Display
Normal or Abnormal input
- 2Common Relay on common module for Horn and Abnormal input




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