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Wellhead Control Panel
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KSC's Control Panel

 Ability to control panel use in the refinery separator area, Wellhead facility desalting unit for send and receive signal to the instrument device like a P.T/T.T/T.I/ESD Valve/MOV with digital or analog signal and we can use the HMI for monitoring all the events like: (measuring of flow Pressure, all the faulting of instrument device or have a curve of Product )

The KSC,s PC base control panel may be supplied with following PLC.s
  I. Siemens Series 200,300,400

Ability of Usage in
  I. Single
  II. Redundant in CPU & Power & Communication & I/O LEVEL

Advantage of I/O
  I. Integration for minimum I/O up 131072/131072 for Design channels
  II. Integration for minimum I/O up 8192/8192 for Analog channels

Monitoring Software
  I.Siemens WINCC
  II. Lab view
  III. Geni DAQ
  IV. Citect HMI
  V. Ability to set all of set point in HMI Windows advantages of reports
  I. Review EMS fault ( Weekly / Monthly / yearly
  II. Review slarms fault ( Weekly / Monthly / yearly
  III. Report of all PT & FT & ( weekly / monthly / yearly



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