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KSC's Wellhead Control Panel

Power Supply

Wellhead Control Panels are designed to control the opening and closing  process of SSSV and SSV valves on X-mass tree.

System Specification

Design by customer's needs,

● Electrical or pneumatic (Instrument Air or natural gas from well)
● Separate pumps for SSV and SSSV
● Equipped with hand pump in the case of power failure
● Ability of working in Auto / manual mode

Advantage Electrical Control System
● Suitable For Safe / Explosion Area
● Relay Base
● PLC Base
● Send/Receive Control Command from another place (Control Room/ SCADA /DCS...)
● Show All Alarm / Fault /E.M.S / Signal Comment and etc

Advantage of main design
Provide high pressure hydraulic line or SSSV up to 15000 PSI
Provide medium pressure hydraulic line for SSV up to 10000 PSI
Provide low pressure hydraulic line for logic loop ( Max 10 Bar)s
Provide E.M.S line sensibility from fire/ Earthquake/Drop pressure
(Breaking Line) and etc
Sensibility from different device on pipeline ( P.T / T.T / P.S)


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